People spend a lot of time online in this digital day and age, it’s not a mystery for anyone anymore and most of them are mobile users. Over 20% of the time spent in front of small screens is dedicated to Facebook or Instagram scrolling – which is absolutely expected right now since those channels have become our source of entertainment, social interaction and also the most recent pieces of news. That is why, when Facebook created the Ad formats for its platform, the company decided that it is definitely a must to have a dedicated Ad format for those who use smartphones for social media. That’s why we have Facebook Collection Ads.


Facebook Collection Ads – what are they?

Collection Ad  is a Facebook Ad format created for mobile and it allows advertisers to use and combine elements like video, image slideshows and even single images intertwined with carousels/image galleries.  As far as formats go, Facebook Ads offer a variety of possibilities, but, as results show, Collection Ads and Carousel Ads are the best choice for promoting products in certain industries. 


How can Facebook Collection Ads support your business?

It is very interesting to see how you can use Collection Ads both on Facebook And Instagram. Essentially, on Instagram you can have Video Ads that capture your audience much more than Single Image Ads and instead of using the famous influencer Call To Action – Swipe Up – you can use an image carousel in which you can present your products.

The question is: how can I grow and support my business by using these combinations of elements? Specialists at AdEspresso have run a few tests and got to the conclusion that, for example, using a video cover in a Collection Ad instead of a static image increases the engagement rate by 20%.  Collection Ads are also a great tool for retargeting.  You can create visitors audiences with  Facebook Custom Audience and retarget visitors that have shown interest in your Ads and products but haven’t purchased anything. 

Even though there seem to be a lot of ready made recipes for Facebook Ads, we recommend you to run your own A/B testing campaigns to put your own insights at work. Only you know your customers and products well enough and have enough Google Analytics data, for example, to build a proper test.

Top Industries in which Facebook Collection Ads are perfect to promote your products and services

You have to keep in mind the fact that this type of Ad, like we said before, is especially created for mobile. In order to catch the eye of a user you don’t only have a handful of visual elements but also a handful of micro-moments when he/she is ready to take your Ad into consideration – coffee breaks, waiting in line to cross the street and so on. That is why Collection Ads must attract the user and tell the brand story in up to 25 characters (the Text element of the Ad) and also create a mood so that the user remembers you even if he/she doesn’t click on your Ad. 

Facebook Collection Ads in Fashion 

Fashion is and always will be a strongly visual industry and Collection Ads give you the power to create something that other formats can’t: lookbooks & mood boards. 

Facebook Collection Ads in Fashion - Facebook Ads MTH Digital

And now to answer your question – what’s a lookbook? Let’s treat at it like a selling tool this time – it is a way of giving your visitor a mini virtual tour of the shop and also ideas about how he/she can create outfits using your products or mostly your products. It is an inspirational tool that involves you as a retailer without looking intrusive. Talk about content marketing.

Facebook Collection Ads in Furniture retail & home décor

What better way to showcase your visitor’s new bedroom or living room than by using a short video followed by an image gallery of products and furniture collections with tips on how and where each piece fits best? Create a mood board so that your future client feels like a part of the virtual experience that you are creating for him.
Facebook Collections Ad - Facebook Ads MTH Digital

Facebook Collection Ads in Jewellry and accessories 

What ca you do when your objective is to gain new clients for your online jewellry shop but you also aim to have a more dynamic Facebook presence? Collection Ads are the right way to get yourself out there. You can apply the most creative video ideas to showcase your accessories and make them super-appealing.  

We must not forget that, in order to get the best results, you’ll always need A/B testing to make sure you are delivering what clients really want to see, both visually and product-wise. 

Nobody will buy your products if you don’t believe in them. And the way you present them is proof that you value and trust your product’s promise to the consumers. Happy converting!