If we were to tell you learning IS fun, you would probably say we’re a bunch of geeks. If we said learning CAN BE fun, you’d probably wonder where we’re going with this. So we’ll put it like this: we have seen what fun and quality know-how look like when they’re delivered together. GPeC eCommerce Summer School is the place where this mix  is real and has been for 8 years now.


This year, the event made learning & fun happen for the eCommerce & Digital Marketing industry again. This means:

…11 experienced trainers

…a family of over 40 online shops owners, marketers & entrepreneurs

…a splendid place

…loads of creative teambuilding games.


Since we love Making Digital Happen, you’ll be happy to hear that the GPeC eCommerce Summer School was all about creating better digital content and features, making things move forward for both users and businesses. How? By following some healthy principles and center what we do around them.


The Healthy Principles picked up at GPeC eCommerce Summer School


  • Andrei Radu. User Experience & Conversion Rate Optimization. Don’t make it hard for your users to find you, as a business (be it eCommerce or not), and what they need from you. Use common sense features to make your website friendly and functional: careful with the logo position, contact information, CTAs, colors, menu structure and so on. Be intuitive in design, approachable in your content and 100% functional overall.

GPeC eCommerce Summer School 2018 Andrei Radu User Experience

  • Liviu Taloi. The Best Business Decisions based on Google Analytics Data. Google Analytics is not just for reporting and seeing what worked and what not after rolling your campaigns. Look at the organic and paid results in GA to decide what products from your assortment/services work best or which ones are not attractive enough at the moment. And, of course, find out the value of various categories of users for your business by looking at all 4 main sections of GA which describe who your visitors are, how did they find you, how do they behave on your website & how valuable are they according to your KPIs.

GPeC eCommerce Summer School 2018 Liviu Taloi Analytics

  • Horia Neagu. Content Marketing in eCommerce. First of all, can we all take a moment to audit our website content? Start there, see what’s good and what is unappealing and does no justice to your business. Then write better, organize your ideas and corelate them with keywords that matter to your buyer persona.

GPeC eCommerce Summer School 2018 Horia Neagu Content Marketing


  • Dragoș Smeu. Budget Optimization in Google Ads. It is not all about cutting budgets here, but improving the way they are spent. Break your campaigns down according to the kind of users you target and their relationship to your brand/business. And optimize by understanding why you’re getting clicks, but not converting, why people return or don’t return on your website and so on. Measure, reflect & act!

GPeC eCommerce Summer School 2018 Dragos Smeu Performance Media


  • Sergiu Neguț. How Much Money Do You Have to Invest To Make More Money. Let’s be honest, you have to be ready to become a business owner or investor. Ready to believe in your idea, to stand up tall when it seems to crumble and to make it valuable for others. And, surely, to have a great strategy = that fine art of well articulated bullshit. Making more money, becoming more valuable is about making better mistakes every day.

GPeC eCommerce Summer School 2018 Sergiu Neguț


  • Raluca Radu. The Art of War in eCommerce: 8 examples of Online Marketing Strategies. Listen to this and keep it close to your ear when creating your strategy: buyer persona. It all starts at the core of what your target audience wants, needs, feels and searches for. Your message, your budget spending, your Quality Score, if we may, depends on those needs. At the time time, though, people change – numbers don’t. So keep an eye on your data!

GPeC eCommerce Summer School 2018 Raluca Radu Digital Marketing Strategy


  • Bogdan Manolea. Almost 10 Legal Tricks You Can Include in an Online Contract. Welcome to GDPR, we were told on a fine morning at the GPeC eCommerce Summer School. Yes – you probably still have issues with your compliance, yes – a click means the user/buyer signs and seals a contract with your business, no – you can’t send your newsletter subscribers an SMS. 🙂

GPeC eCommerce Summer School 2018 Bogdan Manolea


  • Marian Hurducaș. How to Socialize. For Brands. There is a big difference between creating quality content and relevant Choose the second if you want to appeal to your audience in a non-subjective way that you can actually measure. Don’t waste your audience’s time, make it short, snackable, delicious and test It before you run it!

GPeC eCommerce Summer School 2018 Marian Hurducaș


  • Mihai Vînătoru. Evaluating & Prioritizing SEO Activities for an Online Shop. So you start doing SEO – do you have a traffic volume target, is it feasible by all means? After you answer yes on these, take all these directions into account: technical SEO, keyword research & content, link building and results. Not just nice blog articles, but a full-on strategy.

GPeC eCommerce Summer School


  • Valentin Radu. Growth for eCommerce – 5 Common Sense Principles. “If you look for flaws in everything, this is going to become a pattern in all of your life aspects.” What Valentin Radu said applies to your business as well. Build your growth structure on the right KPIs, strategic objectives, smart initiatives, prioritization and actually making things happen. You reach the heights you look towards, right?

GPeC eCommerce Summer School 2018 Valentin Radu Omniconvert

  • Roxana Magopeț. Marketing, Delivery and eCommerce, Behind the Scenes. As an eCommerce business or a digital marketer, you may lose touch with the most important part of an online shopping experience: the delivery! Understand and build a stronger relationship with your customers by choosing the best delivery options and upgrade your options (collect points, eBOX, easy & trustworthy online payment).

GPeC eCommerce Summer School 2018 Roxana Magopeț


We got a lot out of this year’s GPeC eCommerce Summer School. And if you’re into the real deal of Digital Marketing and eCommerce, definitely join the game next year.


GPeC eCommerce Summer School 2018