Facebook Ads Lookalike Audiences from A to Z

3 years ago  •  6 minute read
Do you want to attract more visits to your online store using Facebook ads? You can use lookalike audiences - a type of personalized audience segment [...]

7 Must-Attend E-Commerce Events in Europe

3 years ago  •  5 minute read
At MTH Digital we are all about making things happen in online marketing. However, as most of our clients are online shops, we sometimes have to make [...]

Making Digital Fun @ GPeC eCommerce Summer School

4 years ago  •  8 minute read
If we were to tell you learning IS fun, you would probably say we’re a bunch of geeks. If we said learning CAN BE fun, you’d probably wonder [...]

Let’s Make Performance Happen: PPC Marketing Specialist @ MTH Digital

4 years ago  •  1 minute read
MTH Digital caută specialistul care pune C(reativitate) în PPC. Ești la curent cu tot ceea ce ține de Google și Facebook și nu ratezi niciun [...]

Let the right customer in

6 years ago  •  6 minute read
"The room is filled with summer sun and she is smiling sharply waiting for an answer. He is still uneased, not sure what to make out of her question. [...]

What would the Internet look like without your online shop?

6 years ago  •  10 minute read
No, I haven’t drunk too much oolong tea this morning. And yes, I am still asking you this. Sit down with me, have a cup of tea or coffee, whichever [...]